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29 February 2008 @ 01:17 am
this is a link to my pdf sketchbook
28 February 2008 @ 11:43 pm
1 sticky/smooth

In the future everything that was once sticky will be smooth. The future is now and I don’t know if everything is getting smoother or if everything is more sticky and its just all relative. Or maybe neither? Could it be both? Art that was super sticky 50 years ago now sells for millions of dollars at Sotheby’s, and hangs on walls at Wendy’s. The avant-garde becomes kitsch. Maybe our sticky societal ills have been cured/smoothed out, or maybe there’s just a shiny clear sheet of cellophane on top of everything. It seems smooth but its just waiting to get punctured by something sharp. I’d rather eat my pancakes with my sticky icky syrup and not have to worry about it.


When I die my whole life and everything about me will be summed up in a piece of stone. My name, and two dates. The beginning and the end. Those are the only parts of the story that matter anyhow.


this is supposed to be a huge jpg that you have to scroll through using safari
Everywhere is nowhere . Nowhere is everywhere. The images for this piece were found on google image search; cyberspace. This picture depicts a photo based on a drawing of space from earth and a drawing based on a photo of earth of space. A jpg of a drawing of a photo of space and a jpg of a photo of a drawing of earth. Both images four times removed from reality. Both images are essentially of nothing; from nowhere. This is not a pipe. This is a jpeg. Somehow though, a dialogue exists between the two images. Space is nowhere and everywhere; the internet ecompasses everything and nothing. We are on a sphere floating in space everywhere and nowhere at once, somewhere between the beginning and the end; lost but fine.


this is an html document that i made with these two videos it plays on a variable loop

I want everything that I make to be about everything in the whole wide world and about nothing at all. The words “you are not the father” can mean everything and it can mean nothing. You are not the father. You are nobody. This can be a cause for celebration, and a cause for dismay. This phrase, not an ambiguous one, can evoke a full range of human emotions. It is the moment of truth. The moment of revealed deceit. I want moments like these to last forever, and never happen again.

5. velocity
i dont have any pictures of this one. I bought one of those cans of nuts where when you open then fake snakes pop out and i glued jeff koons' and damien hirst's heads on them and i wrote sensationalism on the can

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Force in a direction will create velocity and that velocity when focused on a mass will create equal velocity. Not factoring in friction or anything like that. Maybe art exists in a vacuum. Maybe not.

6. prizes in lying
for this piece i took quotes from the cooper union livejournal community of people whod been rejected and ran it through a text to speech program and made a cd


It’s easy to lie on the internet. I bet that 75% of everything online isn’t exactly the truth. Lying to yourself is maybe my favorite kind of lying. Self conflict is the best conflict; it’s the most compelling in movies at least. Anyone who claims that they never lie is lying to you or maybe just lying to themselves. I think it’s really funny that lying to yourself has transcended itself into the virtual world. Can the self really exist in a computer? Can a text message have soul? The quotes that I used for this piece came from the Cooper Union livejournal community, from applicants who have been rejected. Realizing people’s lies makes it really hard not to reflect your own fears of rejection.


you can see more of my work here tinyvices.com/jason_lee and here http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmljml/

28 February 2008 @ 05:33 pm
i hate everythig
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